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Re: Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome - Grading & Discussion

That was clearly Tricia Helfer's voice. I read an interview a while back where she said she 'might' have a role in this, and well, what else could she have been but a Cylon?

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Agree with what others said, there is no jeopardy if Adama is the main character for this series.
How many TV series actually kill off their main character? Adama is in as much jeopardy as Kirk or Picard ever were on their shows.

It was an alright ending to a competent webseries. I wasn't invested enough in the characters to care much about the betrayal or the arguments with guns pointing at each other, but mostly it was a solid mission-orineted bit of mil sci-fi and if it had gone to series I would have likely continued with it. The Wormhole is right, though, this is probably it for the nuBSGverse (unless we count the Blu-ray of this movie due next year, which will have extra scenes - i.e. likely nudity, as they've done for the Caprica pilot and The Plan and so on).
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