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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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Daryl has mentioned in the past that they should be doing that.
That would be far too much common sense for this series, which features characters making irrational decisions every step of the way, as though they have learned nothing from surviving in a world overrun with zombies.
It's not all that bad. Generally speaking, the characters act no more irrationally than people in real life do.

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bad math, though. The BULK of new zombies would have been right at the start of the outbreak. They either turned or killed a huge percentage of the humans. From now on, the new zombie creation would be a trickle at best.

Especially since the zombies are just as likely to tear apart as to bite and turn a person, so they're not even making new zombies at a slow level, it's a very tiny number. Small human population, and really just getting the ones that die of non-zombie causes at this point, so they won't be replenishing the herd.
Right, beat me to it.
Yes, exactly.

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So for their own ends, large numbers of zombies will continue to be produced forever.
As with anything, there's room for creative license. The zombie virus slows or stops decomposition. The winter also helps. There is still zombie production from suburban areas. But that can only take you so far before it becomes too unbelievable-- maybe a couple of years or so. We should soon be seeing fewer and few zombies and more successful enclaves of survivors.
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