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Re: How militarized should Starfleet be?

So, let's discuss exactly what military trappings and protocol everyone thinks should be added or removed. I'd like a military adviser so they stop making silly mistakes, like threatening courts-martial over trivial offenses and making almost everyone an officer.
Salutes on special occasions, ok, but not a regular thing - for example, AGT, the scene Picard arrives aboard. I'd have rewritten that scene so that Yar ordered "Hand Salute" as part of his arrival - Trek writers don't understand or often even know about military protocol and pomp, so they leave it out due to lack of knowledge. OTOH, I LIKE that we don't see Crewman Timmy having to salute daily. Most civilians won't understand EMI / Extra Military Instruction (punishment by working from 6pm to 8pm, but must be related to the offense), written counseling, and mast/article 15/non-judicial punishment. But they would get the idea of demerits, even if we don't do that in the real military anymore (No, the academies really aren't the military, and aren't really officers yet).
What's your take on that?
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