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Re: VOY Caption This 93; Neutered...

Thanks for the win, Ln X! Awesome.
This thread:

Step out of line, and I'll have Tuvok on you like an Algerian Snow Python on a pregnant lady.

Crew: Sir! Yes sir!

I'm from Earth, sir.

Janeway <
lowly>: Just run with it, crewman.

Needs 30 more cc's of hops.
Tuvok: Our Nucleogenic Alien Ale will be the envy of the ship's brewmaster club.

Here's the situation Neelix. If we do that we can't sue for malpractice.

Tasty, Neelix. What did you say this was?
My foot fungus treatment.
<Tom hesitates, then keeps eating>

Good. No one's discovered my minifridge.

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