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Re: Star Ship Polaris

As to signage, it's fairly low density on the other sets, so I wouldn't get carried away with it.

One small example if you look to the lower left and right of the overhead monitor bank in the image below, you'll see small aluminum disks (at 2cm across), alongside which are small blue labels, and below those are little white labels with black circles.


These labels are from the signage sheet below, which I created for a short film 9 years ago.

You can see the same aluminum disks to the lower right of each of the screens at eye-level when seated at the station. During the film, Nicholls periodically touches a flashing blue lipstick-sized prop to these. The actor joked it was a thumb drive. I said it was a logic probe.

IMPORTANT. Dennis may have told you this, but no green. It's a rule for this ship.

Anyway, below are some of the other labels I had on set. A few were used here and there for color (except the green ones), but not many. (Yes, they're chock full of gags.) If any of them are useful, have at.

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