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Re: So What Are you Reading?: Generations

I am so desirous of being more up-to-date in readings. I finished "Ishmael" (ST-TOS #23) by Barbara Hambly which is my 26th ST novel this year. Enjoyed reading about The Emperor of the United States.

Then, I read "On Kingship" (a fragment) by (Saint) Thomas Aquinas which is for covering "Great Political Thinkers" source documents. I further am reading First and Second Kings from the Bible. And for further religion "Spiritual Growth" by Arthur W. Pink (from sometime in the early Twentieth Century).

Then, I read "Mind Meld" (ST-TOS #82) by John Vornholt which was strange for the age of the protagonist.

Maybe I can read some more recent books soon. But, I am almost to reading 30 ST books this year (same as last year) and am near having read a total of about 200 ST books now. Is that at least the halfway point? It is fun but I am wondering if I am missing something by not reading enough of other authors and multiverses.
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