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Re: "The Dark Knight Rises" Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

A few other things:

Why did Bane & Co. leave the stock exchange before the program had finished? Weren't they worried that once they were gone, someone would disengage the program or shut down the whole system? In fact, why didn't either of these things happen?

Also, what's with the "bring her to me" stuff later in the film, around the time Gordon and some others are "sentenced" by Crane? We see Bane order Miranda brought to him; then we see two guys bring in the supposedly captured Bruce Wayne, who is sat down next to Fox and Miranda. Then Selina shows up, some ass-kicking ensues, and she leaves with Fox and Wayne, apparently leaving Miranda behind for some reason. After this Batman turns up on the ice ( which doesn't seem too bothered by having yet another person standing on it, this time in body armor, but whatever ) and asks Gordon where Miranda is. Gordon says Bane has her. What gives? It's like there was originally no break between the sentencing scene and the part out on the ice, but they later stuck the other stuff in between, presumably because Fox needed to be freed, and it doesn't really fit.
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