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Re: Kevin Keller ("Archie" Comics) meets George Takei - "Oh my!"

I liked it! Not my favorite issue, but enjoyable. Notes:

-I feel like a lot of Kevin-related stuff starts with Veronica coming up to him at the lockers and starting a conversation. This sort of formulaic opening is comforting in its repetition, and I always enjoy noticing whatever new outfit Veronica has got on.
-So glad they mentioned the internment camps, which imo is too glossed-over in American history.
-Yay! Brad Takei is in it too!
-I appreciate Veronica's "Star Trip" slip-up and Jughead's indignant correction.
-Also love the Jabba t-shirt.
-The message throughout the comic about tolerance and acceptance is wonderful. It makes me feel mushy and I think the all-inclusive language used in the comic was the right way to go.

I give it a B!
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