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Re: Any old timers still around?

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Hmm... I can't find my original ID on WayBack, but... Bonzie, you spammer!
OMG...I'd forgotten about that. The race to #1 and 10,000 posts. If memory serves, and I'm sure Rob Hal will correct me, DEA beat us there. Then Rob Hal and I were in a race for the second place. He barely got ahead of me.

But in the end, I won the Spam Queen crown.

The comments were hilarious....I had forgotten.


Elitist (See, I haven't forgotten THAT ):

If I remember the thread correctly, a 'C' was a pretty good grade. But I certainly recall your moderating skills being worthy of at least a 'C+' ...
C sucks. A C means that you merely showed up. For my dedication A+. For my presence, A. For my bad temper, D.

Oh I see. But I'd still argue strongly for a B- at the least.

God, I miss DEA. He was loads of fun. And Captain Decker and his love for "Arena." And hot-tempered Teelie. He and I finally goaded Twain into a warning once. Of course, Twain had done that to me.

Crazy times. Twain was fine. He was fun to provoke and not a bad guy...just a bit crankier than I was, which I must admit, takes doing.
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