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Re: Marvel Now/ReEvolution Ongoing Discussion (Spoilers)

You need to at least a gist of where it's going in the first issue. We know "Uncanny Avengers" is about the Avengers and X-Men forming a joint team to deal with mutant issues and that the Red Skull stole Xavier's brain. We know "Avengers" is about the team getting bigger and global and we're introduced to a new set of villains and go into battle with them and we see a defeat and a rousing call to action... I actually thought Avengers #1 was pretty jam packed with story. We know "All New X-Men" is about the original team going into the future to meet their present selves and contrasting silver age and modern comic storytelling.

Thunderbolts #1 only told us that Ross was going around recruiting characters. That's it. Who's the bad guy? Why is he doing it? What is the series premise?

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