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Re: Jack Reacher yes,no, maybe so

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I'm quite surprised how well the Jack Reacher books have sold.

Are the books really that good?
To be fair, the "Shades of Gray" books sold well, too.
So would you watch "Shades of Gray" if those books are turned into movies like you watched the "Twilight" movies?
Probably not. I only saw the Twilight movies because they were such a "pop culture phenomenon" that I felt it was my duty to see them in order to a)properly make fun of them b)rightfully make fun of them c)to enjoy Rifftrax. And, well, in the end I ended up enjoying them on some level beyond riffing fodder.

I doubt the Shades of Gray movies will have the same impact since they'll likely be geared for an older audience without a lot less gratuitous teenage-girl fan service.
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