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Re: The Action Figure and Toy Collecting and Discussion Thread!

Yeah, I'm surprised you got a tan Luke from the Evazan assortment. Everything I've read says that the pale variant started coming out with Evazan's case assortment and really hit in better numbers with the Tarkin wave. By the time Tarkin came out all the new Lukes in stores were pale (if you could even find the things to begin with).

I guess it's possible you found one of the Evazan cases that got a tan Luke instead. Either way, congrats. What do you think of Wedge? People either adore him or they think he's a shameless recycle of an older Luke X-Wing body with a new head (the body comes from the 2006 Vintage Saga figure and still has the hole in his belt to plug in Luke's lightsaber hilt). I really like him. They did a good job with Denis Lawson's face and hair if you ask me.
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