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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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Again: How can someone work on a special effects scene like this, sitting at his desk and looking at it on his monitor for at least an hour - probably much more - and NOT see this?

Shit happens. Want to complain about the poor lighting on the ships, not fixing some of the wash from the blue-screens onto the stage, or even the errors of the scenery extending beyond the clipped ship? Fine, even though some of those are pretty quick errors you have to look for to notice. But to examine and zoom in on some overlay on a few frames of the view screen? That's getting damn petty and just needlessly picky.

I admit there's a lot of problems with the way the effects were done in this season (and CBS/Paramount obviously agreed so they switched back to their home house to do the other seasons), the colors in the opening of "The Child" look bad, I'll grant that, that's a major, big, shot too. It's obvious and hard to ignore. I think I can overlook this very, very minor issue with a sliver of the monitor intruding on the wall.
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