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Re: TNG episodes that would've been interesting to see on TOS

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How so? There were very few episodes of TNG in which each character played a vital part. In most of the Riker-centric episodes, for example, you wouldn't need someone with a Visor.
But with TOS and methods of its day, the focus has to be on Kirk, Spock, or maybe McCoy, because they get the biggest paycheck.
So? There were plenty of episodes that could be fit into that. The Inner Light would work with Kirk, and maybe even Spock, as they both live lives that allow them to experience the huge difference between what they know and what they experience.

Then you divide more lines between Scott, Sulu, Uhura, Chekov, and maybe a Rand or Chapel, and one dialogue extra.
So? Like I said, very few episodes feature ALL the cast in equally important roles.

And you're recutting from 5 acts to 4. Also, longer running time so you need more scenes.
Again, this wouldn't be much of a problem. After all, I'm not proposing that the script remains exactly the same, just changing "Picard" to "Kirk".
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