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Re: 2nd Ship in the Into Darkness Trailer

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My guess is NX-Class starship. Further, after all the speculation, I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest it's Captain Garth's original ship that had been kept in mothballs since is imprisonment.

Either that or it's some other class of ship, since the villain is "detonating" the entire fleet.
I think that ship was a lot larger than the NX-01 was wasn't it? It seems larger to me....I liked all the new ships from the 2009 movie, so I'm totally cool with something new for this one.

I do wonder if we'll have a scene where he causes several starships to fall to Earth, wreaking devastation. It'd be crazy awesome if so, IMO.
I've seen other people say the same thing, that it's not the correct size. Well, the Abrams Enterprise is larger than the TOS version, why should an Abrams NX stay 100% true to the Enterprise television series?

Plus, I don't know what to check to determine scale. I've never seen the NX01 crash into an ocean (or whatever the water is) with the city in the background.

Without a proper sense of scale, I couldn't say what the size is.

Of course, NX class might not make sense. If they are staying true to Enterprise TV series, then we're talking about a century old starship. Of course, everyone keeps insisting that Scotty's reference about "Admiral Archer's beagle" was Enterprise's Jonathan Archer.
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