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Re: Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome - Grading & Discussion

I thought the finale was okay. What really gave me the geek moment was the Six scene. Before that it was on shaky ground. I didn't get why neither man even discussed executing or arresting Beka after she had been exposed as a traitor. They just walked away. The pacing and everything just felt odd and a bit anti-climatic as they stumbled off, leaving Beka behind.

I also don't get why the Fleet signed on to this plan. There weren't easier ways to trick the Cylons? I am glad though that the commander explained that the Fleet knew about Beka's treachery the whole time, because I was wondering why someone would okay this mission in the first place.

Overall I thought B&C started off real strong but began to peter out in the third act. The limits of their special effects budget really started showing once they hit the ice planet. Though the FX were a little dodgy, I did like the proto-Six Cylon. She reminded me of the robots in I, Robot, and I always thought there was something creepy about those robots.

I wouldn't mind seeing more B&C adventures, though a part of me wishes they had left Adama out of it (though it was cool seeing why he was named Husker) so that it wouldn't conflict with Razor and so we could have a main character who could be in real jeopardy. The actor playing young Adama was okay in my book, but I wish they had just named him something else.
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