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The players made out like bandits after the last CBA. Yes, the league was healthy. In large part, because of the salary cap that allowed parity and revenue sharing for the weaker teams. And the players benefited immensely. Record revenues, record salaries and contracts. The players in no way, shape or form suffered from the last CBA.
The last lockout needed to happen, because the system was very, very broken, but the players went from 76 percent of hockey-related revenue to 54 percent (now 57), and there was an across-the-board 24 percent salary reductions. The immediate effects upon the players were very, very real. But in the end, everyone won from the 2005 CBA.

That being said, record revenues mean that the league is healthy, and there was no reason for this lockout to happen. The players wanted to keep playing under the existing CBA with some minor tweaks, and the NHL said "fuck that noise, you need to save us from ourselves." Since day one, this has been about breaking the union and nothing else.

It's classic goalpost-moving bullshit. Instead of trying to meet the players in the middle, they make ridiculous demands, and thus move the center onto their side, so no matter what the owners benefit. We're supposed to believe that only taking away 7 percent of the total revenues from the players, and paying in full the already existing contracts that both sides signed, are "concessions." The players have demanded very little beyond "keep the CBA the way it is," and therefore have been making all the concessions.

Also remember that the league wanted to start negotiating in the spring. Fehr refused to start negotiating until September, just days before training camp was supposed to start.
The NHL's first offer was a complete and utter joke. Fehr knew what he was doing.

The players are not equal business partners. Every single expense is covered by the owners. Again, full medical benefits, in fact better than anything a normal working person gets. A player gets a little boo-boo and get taken straight to the hospital for an MRI while normal people here in some parts of the country are on waiting lists for months. All travel and lodging expenses covered by the owners. State of the art fitness facilities. All covered by the owners. And multi-million dollar salaries. No. They're are not equal partners. They are extremely coddled employees.
Wow, this just reads like crab mentality.

Yeah, the players are well-compensated. And in return, they make billions of dollars for the owners. It's very much a symbiotic relationship, but the owners are treating the players like cattle.
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