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Re: With the trailer out why are they keeping the villains ID secret?

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But I keep getting told this movie isn't made for people like me, that its made for people who aren't Trek fans. The only people this is driving conversation for is people who were already going to buy tickets anyways.

General audiences aren't going to care who the villain is...
I wouldn't say that. The focus of the marketing department is definitely non-Trek fans, because they need to put so many butts in theater seats.

I'd say the movie IS being made for Trek fans, but with the understanding that what it means to be a Trek fan is evolving and changing. Just like DS9 challenged Roddenberry's utopian ideology and redefined what Star Trek could be, so do these movies challenge the notion that Trek can only be heady morality tales. Naturally, this tends to wrankle some of the old vanguard. But prospective fans shouldn't be held back simply because they weren't even born when TOS aired.
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