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Re: TNG: Silent Weapons by David Mack Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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True, but in TPoM Worf said it was a decades-old male cat.
Episode trumps book though right? Especially when it's as explicit as it is in the episode

Le shrug

JoeZhang wrote: View Post
Is that all Riker is in the books? Because I think of Frakes, I thought the character must be pushing 60 at least.
Well Riker was born in 2335 and Silent Weapons is set in 2384, so he should be roughly there or thereabouts. I guess the books have dallied in various years for a while.

Encounter at Farpoint was set in 2364, so Riker was 29 while Frakes was 35, so he was playing a somewhat younger character to begin with
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