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Donald Fehr is the real problem. I'm not a fan of Bettman but a deal could be made and the season saved if the PA didn't have Fehr running things.
This ... this is a fake post, right? You're joking, right? Because the NHLPA has made all the concessions thus far and the league is still firmly dug in. Without Fehr, the players would have gotten steamrolled even worse than they did eight years ago.
Nope. It's 100% sincere and the prevailing view in Canada held by the majority of fans and the media.
This is really quite sad.

The NHL moved on the "make whole" request
Wow, they moved to make whole on contracts that they signed, presumably in good faith. Holy shit, my cup runneth over.

And the players didn't get steam-rolled 8 years ago. The average player salary has increased 70% and they have all those lovely 10-12 year front loaded contracts.
Players don't sign those contracts with themselves. The fact remains you have guys like Leopold signing two huge long-term contracts with cap evasion techniques ... and then turning around and locking out the players because of long contracts with cap evasion techniques. It's bullshit.

The players got hammered in the last CBA, and it was written exactly to the owners' demands. In any event, do you know what that 70 percent salary increase means? It means that the league is healthy and wasn't in need of being blown up by reactionary, hardline owners.

Everything that happened this week was a carefully planned PR move by the league (note how "moderate owner" Ron Burkle's statement slamming Fehr was up on literally minutes after talks broke down). The players agreed to meet face-to-face, not negotiate. Owners wanted the players to skip talking to their legal counsel and go straight to accepting a deal and got upset when the players said, "Whoa, wait a minute."

Basically the owners tried to pull a fast one (like we knew they would) and got angry because they didn't get away with it. It was basically:

"Hey you give me your action figure, and I'll let you play with this (broken) playset."

"I dunno, let me go ask my dad."

"Nope! Nevermind, I didn't want that action figure anyway. Don't tell your dad."

It's very amusing (and sick) that Bettman and Daly keep saying they walked away from "X position that was completely fucking insane" as if they were giving concessions.

The players aren't starving by any stretch of the imagination, but the attitude that the players are greedy, should "give in," etc., as well as the disrespect the owners show the players by not treating them as equal business partners is depressing, and emblematic of labor's long, slow decline. I mean, one of the things the players have been asking for is revenue sharing, which doesn't actually help them! They're basically arguing in favor of NHL teams that are losing money, and somehow they have to fight the NHL to get that, even though it's of no benefit to the players and of great benefit to 2 / 3 of NHL teams.

The owners are the ones that are refusing to negotiate. So far they've only given shitty threats ("our next offer will be worse"), and take-it-or-leave-it bullshit that is contingent on the players giving up additional concessions without reciprocation. This is their lockout. This is their work. Three lockouts in less than two decades. Pitiful.

That the league hired Proskauer Rose (which represented the NFL and NBA in their recent lockouts; the law firm is basically dedicated to breaking unions) to represent itself in this matter was a clear sign from day one that there was never going to be an attempt to negotiate in good faith on their part. The owners' refusing to negotiate or actually make any meaningful concessions is hurting the players financially, but more importantly they are severely damaging their own business long-term and alienating millions of fans in the process. How you can attempt to blame the players for this situation is baffling.

How does taking a hardline stance on everything that does this much economic damage to the league at large benefit anyone but the owners? Once this is eventually resolved, the league only has one product to sell: The players, whom they have treated like dogshit and second-class citizens throughout this entire ordeal.

This is the first time the NHL has ever faced a strong union (Eagleson was corrupt and in bed with the league, Goodenow was an ineffective idiot), and this is a good thing. I hope Fehr burns the whole fucking thing to the ground and rides Bettman like a pony.
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