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Re: "Flashpoint" (TV Series) Finale Episodes

I started watching it mainly for Amy Jo Johnson (who always impressed me back on Power Rangers for her acting talent and charisma as much as her spectacular beauty, and who's an even better actress and no less gorgeous now), and to a lesser extent for Enrico Colantoni, but I've really enjoyed the writing and the mature approach to police work and the use of force. I love the way the team uses its wits, technology, negotiating skills, and compassion to prevent violence whenever possible, which is a refreshing change from your usual shoot-'em-up cop show. I agree, however, that it's been getting more melodramatic and over-the-top in the past season or so. I wasn't aware it was on its way out, though.

I think there have been indications of the show's Canadian setting before, in the terminology they use for government or judicial roles, regions or subdivisions of the country, things like that. I remember a mention of the Crown in some context last year.

I'm watching the show on Ion, and I don't think we're up to the finale yet, so please box spoilers. Thank you.
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