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Re: Marvel Now/ReEvolution Ongoing Discussion (Spoilers)

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Not everything is going to be explained in the first issue guys.
That's what's been frustrating me about reading many people's reviews of late.

Many (not all, obviously) want all of the answers, the full thrust of the story, the direction and where it will end up by the first page it seems.

That's why I don't drop the title after the first book if I'm not digging it. I picked up the book because something about it hooked me, right? Might as well get through the first story first.

Incredible Hulk, for example, was almost pure exposition. Not my favourite way to start, but necessary for where the title wants to go it seems. So I'll keep with it.

Same with Avengers 1. We didn't even really see the team until the last page, so waiting to see where this goes.

Uncanny Avengers, ditto. Not digging it so far, but I'll give them a chance to see where things are going.

Potential for all of these, but certainly the first issues are only the smallest part of these books and the necessary evil for getting a new story going with a new direction by new creative teams.

But New X-Men has been my favourite so far. Fantastic, and I never collected anything X (except for solos and minis) before.
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