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"Flashpoint" (TV Series) Finale Episodes

We've had a few Flashpoint TV threads on over the years, btu now that the series is going out (on a creative and ratings high, I might add) Iw as wondering if anyone was still watching it after CBS passed and ION picked it up with CTV for this fifth and final season.

I dunno if it was the "Canadian-ness" factor that kept me watching over the years, but as formulaic cop procedurals go this was always entertaining to take in. I found it at least as realistic as the average, even though that realism had ebbed as time went on (you KNOW it's Hollywood that made the team suddenly stop wearing helmets after the first season, just like on Stargate SG-1). It had a really good ensemble cast though, and seeing them face the consequences of having to take care of such violent crimes on a regular basis was always endearing to me.

Also, I have always enjoyed seeing a series shot in Toronto without having to disguise it as New York or Chicago or whatever just to placate the American networks. This season however was the first to actually SAY that they are in Toronto IN DIALOGUE, as if to say - what, you gonna cancel us now? As if all the establishing shots of the CN Tower and street name dropping wasn't good enough. :P

The finale is airing this week and next, and while they decided to end it on a crazy bomber style plot (to make it "big", of course), it still goes a way to showcase the cast doing what they do best. I'll be tuning in to these last episodes knowing that we AND the showrunners knew it would be the last, and for the show to go out kicking and screaming, since that's what it's about.

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