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Re: Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome - Grading & Discussion

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I'm under the impression that the OG chrome toaster centurions from Razor were supposed to be human constructed models, from that generation - they would have been the advanced production versions of the oversized prototype battle robot frame from Caprica. With martial, regal styling to denote them as formally part of a (human controlled) Cylon armed forces.

Likewise, the original "pie plate" basestars seem like they were the original human designed Cylon carrier ships. The tri-star basestar we saw take on Osiris in Blood & Chrome is likely one of the first Cylon-designed ships.
i'm right there with ya. i always felt like old school basestars and raiders were constructed by one of the colonies - probably to fight another colony - and then appropriated by the cylons.

I'd bet that some colonies made soldier Cyons and buit the original Basestars and Raiders...humans probably originally *armed* the first Cylons who rebelled!!!
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