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CONSORTIUM: New Star Trek inspired game series

Hi there everyone!

My name is Greg MacMartin, and I've been a true Trek fan for 30 years....are there any among you that feel as I do, that the true vision of "Star Trek" is being utterly destroyed by JJ Abrams and Paramount? They are fun films, but for them to bear the name "Star Trek" is preposterous!

Gene Roddenberry (the "Great Bird of the Galaxy") imagined a future where we have evolved beyond our destructive and primal tendencies and learned how to truly work together and explore the Galaxy in peace, learning and growing.

The previous film, and, it seems even more with this new film, seems to relish in the fact that it's not bound by this vision at all, and can instead be darkened and turned into a giant sci-fi action franchise that has little more than a passing resemblance to Roddenberry's creation.

The more our society embraces darkness, the more desperate the need to envision and work towards CHANGING this and offering a bright and positive vision for all of us to work towards.

Now...I'm new here, and I certainly don't want this to come across as spam, so I will be very honest: I've been making video-games for almost 20 years now, and have been hard at work (at my company Interdimensional Games Inc) for the past 6 years on a totally original new game series. We're a totally independent, 10 person operation with a ton of passion and belief in what we're doing. The first game in the series we are making is small but different, original, engaging and immersive.

It is called CONSORTIUM, and it's truly inspired by Trek in many different ways. (playtesters have gone on record to mutter the words "so Star Trek!" when playing through the game.)

-CONSORTIUM takes place in an alternate universe 30 years from now, a place where we have managed to solve many of the problems humanity is currently facing. We have literally built the world and lore itself to feel as if it could be a realistic "stepping stone" to the original Star Trek universe as envisioned by Roddenberry. The world of CONSORTIUM isn't perfect, but it's a giant step in the right direction.

-The entire game takes place in a giant futuristic Jumbo Jet, cruising at 45,000 feet. In many ways, it feels like you're on-board the Enterprise...

-The organization called the "Consortium" is like Star Fleet, in as much as it's a peace-keeping force with teeth, truly designed to protect and nurture. In the world of CONSORTIUM we have colonized the Moon AND Mars, and Earth's orbit is teeming with activity.

There is much more, but I would invite any and all of you that might be interested to check out our Kickstarter campaign. There is a 7 minute pitch video that introduces our game to the world... due to our small, independent nature and due to the fact that this is a brand new I.P, we are not getting anywhere near as many views as we need, and are in desperate need of far more traffic. In case some of you DO truly like what we're doing, please help spread the word!

( truth, my personal dream is to literally one day make a Star Trek interactive narrative series taking place on-board the Enterprise....)

Thanks everyone, and I look forward to hopefully contributing to this community in the future!
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