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Re: TNG: Silent Weapons by David Mack Review Thread (Spoilers!)

For what it's worth:
In Star Trek: Online, the Luna-class (and its derivatives) is classified as a recoinnassance science vessel, or RSV. It is a designated science vessel and a bit less combat-oriented than the deep space science vessels (DSSV).

The Stargazer-class itself is not yet in STO but its 'design family' belongs to the heavy cruiser category and includes the following classes: Stargazer, Dakota and Cheyenne.
However, The Needs of the Many depicted the USS Stargazer-A (prototype of the Stargazer-class) at the forefront of exploration: first contact with the Lorians (possible descendants of the Xindi-Avians), re-contact with the Metron Consortium and, in-game, the first contact with the Xaraxian Congress is mentioned occuring early in the 25th century.

In short, whether you consider a ship a 'science vessel' depends how much weight you put on the initial classification vs. the actual mission profile.

BTW, people keep mentioning Spot as a 'she'. Remember: it was a 'he' in The Persistence of Memory.
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