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Re: VOY Caption This 93; Neutered...

Janeway: As punishment for your insubordination, my chief of security himself will be flogging you! Afterwards I shall let Torres loose with a pair of Klingon painsticks...

Tuvok: Is this part of Voyager's food supplies?
Chakotay: Erm... This is one of my Maquis comrades stewing away, the captain insisted upon making an example of the mutineers and she had to pick a 'redshirt'.

Janeway: He was a lousy morale officer but damn did he make the Delta Quadrant's finest coffee! Revive him with nanoprobes at once doctor!

For betraying his captain, Tuvok was assigned to a fate worse than death; serving under Neelix.

Janeway: (thinking) Betrayed by half of my crew. Betrayed by my first officer. Betrayed by my closest friend. They even spiked my coffee!
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