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Re: With the trailer out why are they keeping the villains ID secret?

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I'm trying to figure out why this is such a closely guarded secret as to whom Cumberbatch and Eva are playing.

If they just came out with it then that might excite fans even more.

I'm starting to feel that we will know more about the New Star Wars movie than we will about this one before it opens.
It generates more talk. More word of mouth = more hype = more $$$. Think about it: if we knew who it was, there would be talk of one name, but since we don't know, now there's talk of more than one name as people trying to "solve the riddle"

If we knew it was, say, Garth, then the forums would be "Garth" but when we don't know, then the forums are "Garth! Khan! Mitchell! Charlie X! Unknown!" see how much more there is in the second one?

I hate Abrams.
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