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VOY Caption This 93; Neutered...

The weekend starts here! First off we have the winners of last weeks contest, and boy! Were there a lot of great captions and quirky stuff from you folks!!!

Finngle Bells wrote: View Post

Sam Wildman: I'm sorry. I hadn't realize Naomi had transfeered the ogre of fire from the holodecks to the ship's holoemitters.
Bry_Sinclair wrote: View Post

Charlie couldn't entice Seven to be an Angel, so he had to settle for Chakotay.
Santa Kang wrote: View Post

JANEWAY: Who the hell encrypted the thermostat controls?!!
Tres_Kings wrote: View Post

Neelix died as he had lived: improving crew morale.
Violet.Phoenix wrote: View Post

Chakotay: I have poisoned one of these drinks. Guess the right one and you live.

Tuvok: There is no need for me to guess. You have poisoned both drinks, and believing me to be stupid, thought that you would successfully kill me. Clearly, you have failed.

Chakotay: Damn Vulcans.

And now the special award:

Gil T.Azell wrote: View Post

B'Elanna Torres: "Ask me for a "Alabama Hot Pocket" will you?"
Some double captioning sweetness here...

Star Grinch wrote: View Post
Tres_Kings wrote: View Post

Ensign: This fifteen deck walkup is a charming fixer-upper.
Chakotay: Sure. If you like space roaches.

Tuvok(OS): While the space roach infestation continues unchecked, I am pleased to report the hedgehog traps have been successful.
Finally I few of these Vulcan jokes caught my eye...

Tres_Kings wrote: View Post

What do Vulcans take to increase their sex drives?
Seven years.


Why did the Vulcan cross the road?
To get some poontang.

How do you piss off a Vulcan?
You stand on his shoulders, pull down your fly and relieve yourself.




With the mutiny now quashed, Janeway imposes order on her unruly flock and life -- in true Voyager reset fashion -- returns to normal...

Next caption contest 14th of December. Have fun!
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