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Re: Any old timers still around?

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Rob Hal! One of the few mods to get a good review in "CaptainWacky rates the mod and admins" (the "classic" thread that nobody remembers or cares about.)
Hah, (profanity) Wacky, you gave me a "C." I remember.
If I remember the thread correctly, a 'C' was a pretty good grade. But I certainly recall your moderating skills being worthy of at least a 'C+' ...

As for the user ID, lots of profiles must have been deleted over the years because I certainly was not the 30th registered member here. There was a fairly active community here by the time I joined... it took me a whole three weeks to become a bitter elitist disgruntled by the influx of newbies.
Back in my day, people had clever signatures. Not like this one.
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