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Re: Kerbal Space Program

See, it's easy to design a rocket capable of getting to the moon, the complicated bit is figuring out how to get there. And the really complicated bit is figuring out how to get there without smashing into it.

My space station is coming along. I attached another crew module, another solar array, and a docking hub, as well as sending a ship up to transfer two new crew members aboard. Sadly, you can't transfer crew internally yet, so they had to get out and spacewalk.

I'm getting better at docking, but there was a bit of a mishap with that second solar array. I somehow completely lost control of the tug and found myself careening towards the station. I managed to regain control at the last moment and fired RCS thrusters to change course. I flew past the station at high speed, missing it by only a meter or two. That's when I learned to stop attempting to take shortcuts while docking.

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