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Missing Persons

I was looking at an old episode of Castle and in it Beckett made a point of the fact that it took a man over a day to report his wife missing. Obviously Beckett thought this was suspicious.

Remembering back, sometimes my ex-husband would go to visit a mate and wouldn't come back for a couple of days. He would says something like "we went shooting kangaroos". Not once did I consider reporting him missing to the police.

Anyway I though I might ask people here how long it might take for you to report someone missing (hours, days). I know that this can be influence by how well you know a missingperson behaviour but generalise if you can about some or all people on the following list

1)an elderly, frail relative who doesn't live with you
2) an elderly but active relative who doesn't live with you
3) an elderly person who lives with you
4) an adult relative (excluding elderly) who doesn't live with you
5) an adult relative who lives with you
6) a spouse
7) an adult child who doesn't live with you
8) an adult child who lives with you
9) a teenager
10) a pre-teen (10 to 12 year old)
11) child (6-9)
12) child under 6 years of age.
13) a friend
14) a next door neighbour
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