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Re: The Action Figure and Toy Collecting and Discussion Thread!

The first image of four of the 2013 Class I vehicles with figures in the upcoming green Yoda packaging.

These are analagous to the Sith Speeder, STAP and Clone BARC Speeder sets that have been sitting on shelves for most of this past year only considerably more interesting.

The MTT Droid Fighter pod/craft with the new Obi-Wan and blue Battle Droid (Pilot) figures is my favorite of the assortment. We haven't gotten a movie-style, realistic blue pilot Battle Droid in over a decade (the last one came out in the Episode I mini-vehicle line) and that Obi-Wan is the one with the startlingly realistic Ewan McGregor head that was just released in the "Duel on Naboo" Battle Pack. He's a brand new sculpt.
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