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Donald Fehr is the real problem. I'm not a fan of Bettman but a deal could be made and the season saved if the PA didn't have Fehr running things.
This ... this is a fake post, right? You're joking, right? Because the NHLPA has made all the concessions thus far and the league is still firmly dug in. Without Fehr, the players would have gotten steamrolled even worse than they did eight years ago.
Nope. It's 100% sincere and the prevailing view in Canada held by the majority of fans and the media.

The NHL moved on the "make whole" request, meeting them half way and the league's insistence on contract term limits and a long term CBA is entirely reasonable. For example, the league wants a 10 year CBA. The PA wanted 5. Then the PA said they'd go with 8 and an offer to opt out after 6. The NHL wants certainty. The PA doesn't.

And when whiners like Sedin recently say to the media that they are giving, giving, giving and the league isn't he's clearing ignoring that the league gives him full benefits, all expenses covered, a multi-million dollar annual salary and a pension. The only players I have any sympathy for are the third and fourth line guys that make barely more than league minimum.

And the players didn't get steam-rolled 8 years ago. The average player salary has increased 70% and they have all those lovely 10-12 year front loaded contracts.
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