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Re: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey - Grading & Discussion (Spoilers

A friend of mine wrote this to me specifically about the 48 fps. He's been a video Audio tech for more than 20 years so I'll be inclined to take his advice and stick with the 24 fps:
Check-out this video on MSN about The Hobbit at 48FPS:

Everything I told you is mentioned, specifically how the motion looks "unnatural" because of the lack of the "motion-blur," an anomaly (or artifact if you will) caused by 24FPS and which we are accustomed to. I enjoy watching movies because they look just like that...MOVIES! If I want to see this picture without the motion-blur, I would go out to the set and watch it being filmed or, (and this would be more cost effective) I would purchase a new LED TV; either of which would eliminate the whole cinematic effect of watching a movie. I sincerely hope more people get on the "film-wagon" and keep the cinemas at 24FPS. I wish these silly-assed, bored, too-much-time-on-their-hands movie directors would just DIRECT the movie instead of trying to implement THEIR ideas on how we should watch their films or anyone else's films for that matter. They should not follow the government's example: "If it ain't broke, keep fixing it 'till it is!"

In conclusion, (and in my opinion) there has been only six technological improvements or advancements made to motion pictures since the movie industry began.
These are (and in order):

1. Sound. However, some pianists and organists of that era (if any are still alive) may disagree with this statement because the "talkies" put a lot of them out-of-work.

2. Color. Apropos, some films did not "translate" well into color, Ted Turner!

3. 70mm and improved film-stock.

4. Magnetic audio recording. Pioneered by Ampex working with Todd A-O and used for 70mm
prints. This would later lead to multi-track audio.

5. Stereo.

6. Digital, Multi-Channel Audio. AKA Dolby Digital, DTS-HD or "lossless" Audio
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