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Re: Anyone Else Love "Whom Gods Destroy"?

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. . . Ms. Craig was (a) deliciously sexy with a lovely, voluptuous body, (b) the best thing ever to happen to the Batman TV show, and (c) certainly the only good thing about the otherwise execrable "Whom Gods Destroy."
To get somewhat back on topic: Well, I don't know about statement (b), but I definitely concur with (a) and (c).

To jump off-topic again:

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Ihnat was a marvelous actor. If you get a chance, find an episode of the original "Outer Limits," entitled The Inheritors. Ihnat at his low-key, underplayed best.

Sir Rhosis
I can hardly say how much I love this episode. The last time I saw it I cried. Even though the major setpiece at the end is pretty clunky. (I won't give away what it is here. But get this two-part episode on DVD and be prepared to be blown away.)
Frankly, I think "The Inheritors" is overrated. It's clunky, padded (it could easily have been a single 1-hour episode) and the ending is just mawkish.

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