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Re: Princess Kate (aka the Duchess of Cambridge) is Pregnant!

Trigger, exactly. Trigger. You could conceivably trigger a suicide by being rude to someone, but nobody would hold you directly accountable. Depends on the individual, and none of the people jumping to conclusions know anything about the individual.

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I think the point is that you don't know what kind of issues someone already has when you publicly make a fool of them and destroy their career.

you can at least agree that the dj's knew that was what the fall out was going to be?
I understand the point, but I think it's a bit of a slippery slope, if you'll forgive me for using that tired old phrase.

I don't think it was the DJ's intention to destroy anyone's career, and by all accounts they hadn't. According to the hospital themselves no disciplinary action had been brought over this, and according to palace they considered the nurses involved very much victims of the prank and had not complained to the hospital. So to say anyone's career had been destroyed would appear to be running contrary to what's been reported.

And, according to those same reports, the DJ's actually expected to be hung up on as soon as the hospital staff heard their "awful accents" (a reasonable assumption - it does beggar belief that they actually got through). So I don't think the DJ's knew (or cared) what the fallout would be, no. They apparently expected it wouldn't go anywhere near as far as it did.

What they did was mean, unfunny, grossly inconsiderate and unbelievably stupid. I'm not in any way defending what they did. But to suggest that they're directly responsible for the poor woman's death as many are doing is simply wrong.
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