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Re: Age old discussion, Star Trek vs. Star Wars

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So I was having this ol' debate with a friend the other day, my friend being a Star Wars fan. His reasoning being that Star Wars is better because it caters to a wider audience, has a larger budget and better CGI. But for me, he just isn't getting it. Trek is just so much more involving for me. Not only is there much much more content out there to experience, but its reflection of real world issues, and its cultural diversity make it for me. I don't think I need to even point out that Star Wars has Jar Jar.

So, I wonder how many reasons we can come up with that Star Trek is better than Star Wars (or the other way round perhaps, for arguments sake).
1) The debate is silly.
The only thing those shows have in common is the word "Star"; therefore, the only people qualified to draw parallels are all called Matt Groening.
On account of lulziness.

2) Your friend's arguments are really terrible.
- Popularity? If popularity equals quality, Lady Gaga is a better composer than Beethoven; Transformers 2 & Titanic better movies than Citizen Kane & 12 Angry Men; Green Day a better band than Dissection (obviously impossible, as Storm of the Light's Bane is perfection in musical form); a coloured square into another coloured square (contemporary paintings are often that ridiculous - and people gobble them up) better painting than Bruegel's The Tower of Babel.
If there's any correlation between popularity and quality, it's inverse, not direct.

- Quality of the CGI?
If he judges a movie solely on its CGI, he's going to miss out on a lot of great movies with no CGI whatsoever.
I'm also not certain the CGI quality is better in Wars: ENT had some very good CGI.

- Budget?

With the exception of some specific genres of movies (porn, action, martial arts,...), plot and dialogue should be the measuring stick of quality and on that front, Wars' manichean fare doesn't rate high.

3) Some of your own arguments are invalid, notably the Jar Jar one: Star Wars has Jar Jar, Star Trek has Neelix.
I've never seen any Wars movie in its entirety, but I highly doubt Jar Jar is worse than Neelix.
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