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Re: starships underwater.

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^ Since even from that it's pretty obviously the same engine and same ship.
They look absolutely nothing alike to me.

I can accept that there might be tricks of angle and so forth, but it just seems SO different that I can't buy it.
Where do you even SEE differences? Take it element by element, use some images as reference.

Aft end of the nacelle: downward angle, concave center.

Top of the nacelle: flat rounded "fantail" with two low V-shaped "fins" that taper to flush with the nacelle tube a quarter of the way forward.

Front of the nacelle: goldfish hump, tapers to flush with the tube a fifth of the way aft.

The registry is in the right place and is the same size.

What's probably tripping you up is that you're looking at the nacelle with a couple hundred tons of seawater still rolling off of it and thinking the seawater reflects the shape of what you're looking at. The Enterprise is over 700 meters long; each one of those nacelles is the size of an aircraft carrier, and in this clip they just went from a submerged position to about a hundred meters above it in three seconds flat. The water isn't gonna just roll off of it like a submarine (although even then it's often hard to make out the lines of the ship under all that water).
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