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Re: Coming This Christmas - COOKIN' WITH GAS!

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Alright, that's funny!

But ... why is there an Ascent Stage still on the Lunar Lander? Were they not all used? Or is this an Easter egg for your secret project: Apollo 18 Revealed?
I shoulda added the lines, "Why did you bring that rock in here?"

"I didn't."

I figured it was maybe a surplus LEM or a replica that the bar had bought or acquired years ago, and they put it on the roof instead of a 1950's Cadillac, to attract attention.
How were they to know there was 300-year old fuel in the tanks which just happened to still be volatile, or what ABORT/ABORT STAGE meant? (*snicker*)

Actually, I just thought it would be abrupt and funny, and it kinda ties-in with the movie you'll see, but only as an aside, a funny throw-away, with no relationship to the film's story.
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