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Re: Rare Photos: December 2012 + Stocking Stuffers!

This is probably my absolute favourite thread on the BBS. Thanks, and Merry Christmas. On to business.

My Dec 2012 favourites:

1st Row, Left: Jeri Ryan. Smokin' in that dress with the water as a backdrop;

5th Row, Right: The Great Bird himself. Even better that it's a 1964 shot; and

2nd Row, Centre: ST:TMP production shot. Love seeing the camera, light, and microphone.

My Stocking Stuffer favourites:

3rd Row, Centre: Ryan and McNeil having a short pause between takes;

3rd Row, Right: Mirror Jadzia. 'nough said;

1st Row, Left: "Waltz" - DS9 production shot. It's simply a beautiful photograph; and since it's Christmas, I'll take one more,

5th Row, Centre: Kirk and Spock having a chuckle.
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