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Re: Anyone Else Love "Whom Gods Destroy"?

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Yes, I'm well familiar with all three seasons of the show. I watched it A LOT.
If you watched it A LOT, then you would not mount such an easily dismissed defense of Craig in that outfit, particularly when its easy to compare her to women on the same show wearing the same kind of material (Newmar, Kitt and Merriwether in the Batman movie), only they wore it with visual success.

On the other hand, you have yet to find a photo of Craig looking fat as Batgirl.
Again, YouTube exists. All 26 episdoes of Batman's 3rd season are available to see for yourself. I'm pointing you toward a source, so there's no excuse to avoid it.

Rigg and Newmar were tall and slim. Hot, yes, though definitely on the slim side.
Hit the brakes...Newmar was slim? Slim in my view was Peggy the worst case, Mia Farrow, but Newmar was tall, but "put together," as the expression goes.

Whitney was certainly not in any kind of decent shape.
You have to explain that one, as she's one of the few TOS actresses who successfully wore the Starfleet uniform without appearing out of place (like the actress who suffered from the aging disease in "The Deadly Years", or Scotty's love interest in "The Lights of Zetar")

If you think Craig was overweight, you must think Nichelle Nichols was a big ol' moo-cow. Not to mention Marilyn.
Nichols had big thighs--there's no getting around that, but she was visually solid from the waist up.

If by "Marilyn" you mean Monroe, that would depend on which period of her career you're talking about. By the time she was hired for The Misfits and her last (incomplete) role in What A Way to Go, she had gained a lot of weight.

your flame-fest.
Confirmed. Definitely born after 1986.
Ah, so you are admitting that you believe you--as an allegedly older person--cannot be familiar with new terms as they become part of common language?


I guess that means you still refer to a flight attendant as a "stewardess," or an American of African descent as "negro."

Oh, by the way, the year is 1969, not '86.

That much is true, as is well known here.
It was a guess, since I do not know you well--just as you do not know me at all.

Plastic tits and flat asses (and worse, flat delivery) are no substitute for what a real woman is supposed to look like. I knew we were in trouble when people first pointed out that JLo has an ass, as if this were extraordinary. Turned out it was.
You do realize that bony, boyish women such as Twiggy and the aforementioned Mia Farrow were launched into fame in the 60s? Their look was pushed and celebrated at the time.

By the early-mid 70s, I certainly remember the "new woman" look of Mary Tyler Moore (her own show, not the way she appeared on the Dick Van Dyke show), Diane Keaton, bony Sissy Spacek, Meryl Streep and others being pushed long before this period of women you're criticizing?
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