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Re: MLB Offseason 2012

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Really kind of shocked that Minnesota traded Revere. It'd been talked about for a while now, I just didn't think Ryan would actually do it, but we're desperate for arms, so I'm happy with it in that respect. Revere was a lot of fun to watch.
That was a hell of a trade for Minnesota and one of the most insane moves Rube has made (and that's saying something). They dumped a slap-hitting guy with no strike zone discipline who can run really fast -- essentially a fourth outfielder whose core skill is running -- and got two solid pieces in return. Lord knows that Vance Worley isn't great or anything, but I have a hard time believing, given his shiny ERAs, that the Phillies couldn't have done better than Ben fucking Revere for him -- and the Twins got the Phillies' #1 prospect in the deal, too!

I've been saying all offseason long that Rube gonna Rube, and then he goes and gets Michael Young (probably) and Ben Revere. Ibanez has gotta be next.
Yeah, Good trade for the Twins. I'm surprised they got as much as they did for Revere- he's a marginal player at best and they potentially got more in that trade then they did trading away Denard Span.

Glad to see the Twins shoring up their pitching even if they did trade away 2/3 of their outfield in the process.
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