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Modeling Updates: Refit, Classic, and D7

Just wanted to share some model progress. I have been working on three models... none of them are 100 percent finished for various reasons, but still... new photos are better than none, right?

Anyway, all of these are for rotation on my bookcase at home and my office desk at work.

First up, my 1:1000 Refit, taken a different direction, and labeled as the USS Achernar.

The larger upper-saucer nav lights (as well as the nacelle aft nav lights) on the Fed ships are from some tiny scrapbooking jewels that I painted and attached with super glue.

Some issues I am running into are the nacelles not being even, and the torpedo bay piece has gone missing and is presumed lost. Any guidance on creative ways to fill this in? I was thinking of puttying it, filing it down, and then making some dimples to represent torp tubes.

Finishing details yet to be determined include what to do with the indented portion of the superstructure (B/C deck area where the officer's lounge windows are), what to do with the rec deck windows, and if I will use the black decals that are in the supplemental refit decal kit to do the remaining windows. Any thoughts?

Second, my 1:1000 Klingon Battlecruiser in olive green:

I am thinking of highlighting the grilles on the front of the engineering hull, the torp tube, and elements on the S2 Graf Units with copper paint.

Finally, progress on my 1:1000 TOS Enterprise, decked out as the Endeavour.

I am running into severe nacelle issues on this one. The paint on the inner ribbed dome seems too thick on both nacelles, and I cannot get the outer domes over the inner ones and seated on the nacelle body.

Any suggestions or thoughts are welcome!
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