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Re: Original baddie?

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^^The problem with that interview is that when originally cast, Alice Eve was said to be "new to canon," whatever that means. Then she's playing someone who has been on TOS.

However, I believe Cumberbatch has always been said to be someone we saw from TOS with no room for interpretation on that score.
True. Could be as they moved on with the script, they realized that Eve's character actually fit well into an existing character, and made the change for the sake of improving the story. I dont' know. Maybe they'll be some answer after the movie is released. Not that it's big news, but still, "minutiae" is synonymous with "Trek fan."

I just keep wondering if the real red herring is we're all tending to think Cumberbatch must be someone who was also a baddie in TOS (Khan, Mitchell, Garth, Green, even Finnegan), when maybe he wasn't.
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