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Re: Changelings and "Animal Ethics"

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I just *have* to know what other people think of this:

It occurred to me while watching "Paradise Lost" how Changelings might be *the* most "ethical" species in the galaxy, and it's held up in quite a few episodes since then.

Here's how it works:

--All humanoid 'species' are related, (The Chase, TNG), making them more like breeds of the same species instead of actual separate species. (Half-Betazed, Half-Klingon, etc.)

--Changelings are not on that system. They are a completely different species.

What this means:

In RL, you're a Human Being. You communicate with your fellow Humans through complex vocal language, something no animal has figured out to the same extent. You also eat chicken for dinner, love your pet Pomeranian, hate having cockroaches, mice, and ants ruin your house.

Humans are famous for murder, war, child abuse, muggings, beatings, basically being mean to each other, etc. We're barely getting out of that, vaguely. Sort of. Not really.
Now, pretend to be a Changeling. You communicate with the Great Link, a complex language, something no other species has figured out to the same extent. You breed Jem'Hadar, think your Vorta are cute, and hate having Cardassians, the Federation, and all the other 'Solids' that keep bombing your planet.

In their own species, No Changeling Has Ever Harmed Another. Now, I'm not sure if that simply means 'nobody ever murders, ever' or something to the extent of 'nobody ever plays Football--too many concussions' or something in the middle.

Their one flaw is they've intentionally made 100 Feral/Street children--for science! (To put that in perspective, UNICEF estimates the USA has 2 million street children in 2010)

Talk about Ethical!

um, no. They engineer and enslave other races, and carry out wars against those not like them.(solids) They don't harm their own, but that's just tribalism-they're loyal to their own group and aggressive toward other groups that aren't like them. That's actually a pretty LOW level of ethical development. Tribal-based ethics aren't usually highly thought of.
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