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Re: Love, hate and the AMT Enterprise model

I ind up getting additional copies because after I've finished making a kit, sometimes later I want to do it again. The fun was putting it together and I have no interest in "real world" subjects. So I now have three submarine Seaviews, two Jupiter's 2, two flying subs and a half dozen starships...

I've had dozens of this kit throughout my life (I broke the first few by sitting on them) and it's still my go-to kit for making the Enterprise. It's exactly the right size. The Polar Lights snap together kit is too small (and the nacelles are unnecessarily hard to get together). The new Round 2 kit is HUGE. The AMT is just right and even though it's inaccurate, it's still a beautiful model and a fine representation of the lady. The recent reissue with the smooth hull is the best version yet. Get some after market parts, like the deflector dish and nacelle tips and you have a great model.
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