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Re: Anyone Else Love "Whom Gods Destroy"?

A beaker full of death wrote: View Post
Wildly. There wasn't an ounce of fat on her, especially not her legs.
Yes, because one photo is a strong substitute for an entire season of live action views i'm referring to.

YouTube exists.

By the way, every woman of the 60s was not built like Craig. Have you ever seen actresses such as Diana Rigg, Tisha Sterling, the aforementioned Newmar, Sharon Tate, or to add some Trek flavor, France Nuyen, Janet MacLachlan, or Grace Lee Whitney? Hmmm?

If he thinks this is fat, dude has no idea what a woman should look like.
Talk about exaggeration, which is exactly what you did when ignoring:

Now Julie Newmar as Catwoman was a far different story--she too was a dancer, but everything was distributed well on her taller form.
It was in the same post, so you must have glossed over that in your flame-fest.
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