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Re: TOS Enterprise WIP

@Mytran - I think I was not precise in my meaning as well

I'm rebuilding the flight deck again and once done, I'll scale the external model that is already built to it (if necessary). Basically matching the openings up.

Some of the constraints I'm operating on and/or changing are:
1. The exterior opening needs to match the interior opening size (scale)
2. I'm using the 21-22' shuttle length.
3. The Observation Deck in "The Conscience of the King" when I first modeled it, I "corrected" the walls to make it more parallel. I am changing it back to "as-seen" where it gets wider as it approaches the camera. This will change where I can place it but it also means it won't factor as much into the gap between the interior of the flight deck and the exterior of the ship.

So some changes are coming
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