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Re: Terrible TOS performances....

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Harry Landers' guest status must have been due to being a regular on the doctor show "Ben Casey" a few years earlier. Coleman was pretty much written as an incompetent, unethical wimp blinded by love.
"You are as I loved you..." Not that the best actor could have gotten much mileage out of that line, it still drove home how good he wasn't.

Watch her old series "My Living Doll", where she plays a robot. You'll find her perfectly cast.
How she was able to work this into something successful on Batman is beyond my understanding.

The character was hastily changed from Janice Rand, due to Grace Lee Whitney being dropped..
Which doesn't really excuse much. It would have been worse to see Janice acting so unprofessionally since she was lower on the totem pole as a Yeoman.

I thought {Barbara Anderson's} final revelation scenes were wonderfully theatrical.
Which was the only point in the episode I found her to be effective. I loved her climactic mad scene, but up till then, she was really intolerable for me.

Still wondering how the "surging and throbbing" line got past the NBC censors.
"Tranya is people!"
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